Sunday, October 21, 2012

30 DAYS ARE ALMOST UP! - Days 22-28

Energy Level: Low with some Med thrown in
Grouchiness: Med
Bloating: Varied
Exercise: none

So this week has been all over the place. I have had some problems with my eye. My eye has become more swollen and my vision has been blurred in the evening. Also, there is some itching and the feeling like something is in my eye. It has been very bothersome. I upped my Limu intake to 2 oz per day for a few days. Then I upped it to 4 oz for the past few days and the blurriness has lessened. I figure I'll just try and blast the eye with Limu!

In the beginning of the week, I was fighting tiredness and a little grouchiness. But when I upped my Limu to 2 oz, I felt a little better. Upping it to 4 oz per day has made a big difference. I feel a lot better. Perhaps my body is fighting the eye stuff or a virus that's going around my workplace. Either way, upping my Limu has helped.

I felt a little bloated for a few days. I think I ate something that didn't really agree with me. But I did step on the scale regardless....

Weight: 127 lbs/ Body Fat: 23% - so my weight went up .6 of a lb. And my body fat went up .1%
BUT!!!! I lost inches on my body.

True Waist - 26"/ Hips - 36.25"/ Bloop - 32.5"/ lower thigh - 15.5"/ upper thigh - 20.5"/ calf - 12"

So I think I must be gaining a bit in muscle from my weekly ballet class.Or leaning out. Either way - losing inches! Wahoo! (I don't really take too much stock in the body fat calculation cuz it's been known to change depending on what time of day I weigh myself.)

Update: a total loss of 1.8 lb and 7.25" off my whole body. Heck yeah! Plus no yeast, no itchy, painful scalp, better digestion, happier, more energy. Based on this, I'm staying on it. I'm gonna keep going for the 90 challenge and see how much more of my body and life can change!

Due to the changes I have seen in myself and others this month, I have become involved with Limu and have shared Limu with people I know! All of them have reported benefits such as weight loss, increased energy, less yeast, and lots of other benefits.

My boyfriend and I even think it works on a mental level as well. Helping to get you unstuck from your current life or body situation so you can adjust and realign to where you should be or want to be. It's awesome!  GO LIMU!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MORE MOVEMENT - DAYS 19, 20 & 21

Energy Level: Med, then Low after about 4pm
Grouchiness: Low
Bloating: Low
Exercise: None

So my eye has still been bugging me. Sensitive to light. Feels like something is in it. Slight blurriness, especially closer to bed time. I've been feeling energy and happy throughout the day, but by late afternoon, I've been crashing, unable to do much. Just so tired. This started Friday. I upped my Limu to 2 ounces a day to try and push through this faster.

Saturday, I got a sore throat in the morning with a bit of sinus pressure. But by the end of the day, the sore throat was gone. It's almost like its moving through my body and pushing through all my weak spots, cleaning them out.

Sunday, my throat is nominally sore, mostly just dry. My eye is still sensitive to light and slightly blurry. I hope the Limu can push through this eye problem. It sucks and no doctor has been able to help. Believe me, I've seen several.

But all in all, I feel happy and have a pretty good amount of energy. We'll see if this energy crash keeps happening. I might have to space out my Limu instead of taking it all at once in the morning.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Energy Level: Med
Grouchiness: Low
Bloating: Low
Exercise: None

So I weighed myself today... 126.4lbs/ 22.9% body fat/ 55% water

That's a loss of 1lb and .4% body fat!!! Awesome. Some of the weight loss this week might be attributed to the lessening of carbs, but I've only been carb lite for less than a week. And a few months back, I wasn't able to lose weight at all - even on a carb free diet for two weeks or more. So this is great news!

The only downside is that my body is all over sore. The pressure on my sinuses is lighter but still there. My whole body feels strung tightly, taut and uncomfortable. Could be remnants of exercise, plus eating carb lite, plus maybe more detox. Candida be gone!

But I still have energy and feel positive! And am total 2.4lbs lost and .6% body fat lighter after just two weeks! Plus I measured - true waist 26.25"/ under breasts 28.5"/ bloop 32.75"/ hips 36.5". I'm losing inches too!

So by the evening, my right eye started getting blurry and it felt like something was in my eye. This was the eye condition that has been bugging me for a couple months that the docs can't explain. It's not severe, it's just annoying. It hasn't been noticeable for a couple weeks until now, but maybe the Limu is working on it :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MORE DETOXING??? Day 16 & 17

Energy Levels: Med
Grouchiness: Low
Bloating: Low
Exercise: none

I've been super sore from exercising. My tongue pain is finally gone, but now I'm starting to feel pressure behind my eyes and nose and eyebrows. My nose is running a bit and I feel like I have a heavy head. I think it's sinus stuff. Hopefully it's not a cold since Limu is supposed to help you not get a cold.

BUT - If my eye condition was caused by sinuses, maybe this is clearing it out!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Energy Level: Med
Grouchiness: Low
Bloating: low
Exercise: none

So I stepped on the scale again just because it's there and I can't help myself. My weight is holding. So rather than just a fluctuation that happens, it appears that 1.4 lb of weight loss was legit. Awesome! And my new shipment of Limu comes today! I'm excited to share it with other people now that I have more!

Found this article about the health benefits of Limu

The only thing that sucks is the one side of my tongue still hurts. It's like it's raw :( No bueno!


Energy Level: High
Grouchiness: Low
Bloating: less
Exercise: 1 hr floor ballet

So I've been not eating carbs for a few days now and I definitely feel better like I always do. I slept through the night! Yay! My energy level was fine all day.

One thing though, I got thrush in my mouth this morning and one side of my tongue is irritated. Those signs point to Heart Heat from a Chinese medicine standpoint. I've been trying to increase my "fire" by eating and drinking hot spices, so I think I need to back off that for a while until my system balances out.

By the evening, the thrush was gone, but my tongue is still irritated. I drank a Pitta cooling tea and it helped for a while. We'll see how this progresses.

The exercise felt good, but boy was I exhausted afterwards. I passed out around 8:30 and slept through the night.


Day 12

Energy Level - High
Grouchiness - Low
Bloating - average
Exercise - none

Woke up feeling good. Full of energy. No complaints :) Back on a better eating plan. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up.

Took Limu around 4:30 and then kind of got a little bit of a headache. Took a Blu Frog shot around 8 and definitely felt energized. But then had no trouble sleeping! Yay!

Day 13

Energy Level - Med
Grouchiness - Med
Bloating - average
Exercise - none

I have a little bit of a headache this morning and feel a little sluggish. I did sleep in a bit and the sluggishness might be a bit of procrastination. We'll see if it picks up later in the day...

Felt better in the evening.